Say Something

It was a gleaming Sunday. I watched TV more than 10 hours. Desperate housewife is such a good series, it’s everything about women, work, family, husband, children, marriage, love, sex, shopping, house working, friendship, neighborhood, birth and death. I almost cried for the whole day. I was touched by some thing in this series.

V is still not come back now. I am listening to the folks. I really love folk when I am quiet. Nowadays, my quiet time become less. I love that kind of myself, although sometimes too lonely. Last night v yelled at me. I looked at his angry face and bulged eyes at the other side of the bed, felt so unfamiliar with this guy who was shared the bed with me. He apologized to me then, but I still felt a little sad.

Things are not alway perfect even I am always trying to do it. I am trying to read more English books, it perhaps would improve my English.

03 Jul 2014 , 写毕。